The Dark Room


A retelling of the Bluebeard myth, a tragic love story  and an examination of the darkness at the heart of our much loved fairy tales...

Against the backdrop of a Victorian Photographers studio, THE DARK ROOM allows us to glimpse the blossoming love affair between William and Rose. William illustrates children's fairy tale books with beautiful, yet haunting, photogrpahs, but who are the women in these photogrpahs? Can Rose resist temptation or will she sneek a peak in the forbidden DARK ROOM?

The Dark Room was created with regular Ullaloom collaborator Patrick Dineen (Base Chorus, King Cotton) who provided a stunning, lyrical and enchanting score, perfectly capturing both the beauty of the fairy tale world and the madness of the protagonist. Lighting was designed by the wonderful Phil Saunder's who gave the show a warm chocolate box feel.

"The Liverpool theatre group Ullaloom has carved out a name for itself for ghoulish theatre, and The Dark Room could certainly give its audiences sleepless nights...a winner"
Phil Key Daily Post




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