Bekah Sloan


Lancashire lass Bekah studied at Bretton Hall College where she gained her BA(Hons) in Theatre Acting. After graduating Bekah immediately put her Degree to good use packing makeup in a factory for Procter and Gamble. However, the good times couldn't last and she was soon drawn back to the sullied, murky world of theatre...
Fate, destiny and a DSS scheme brought Bekah to the Hope Street Physical Theatre course in Liverpool. Here she met Lucy and Fil, and god-help-them they  decided to form a theatre company-  Ullaloom. Since then Bekah has been strangled, had her hand chopped off, been a head in a box, been undead, had her blood sucked, worshipped the devil, whipped a gimp, and eaten a human heart (well alright, a blood stained peach!) Amongst many other pleasures, all in the name of Ullaloom.
By contrast Bekah has also performed as a whole range of other characters, in a spectrum of other shows, including 'Wendy' in Peter Pan, 'Dorothy' in The Wizard of Oz, 'Lady Capulet' in Romeo and Juliet,'Leticia' in Smoke and Mirrors, 'Ariel' in The Tempest amongst others.
Bekah revels in her continued Ullaloom work and enjoys the chance to unleash her B-movie scream in shows, it looks like her career at Proctor and Gamble remains on the back burner for the time being.....

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