Petit Ulla Loom

Port Sunlight Ghost Stories

Spooky goings on in Port Sunlight!

The vengeful spectre of a black monk eager to reclaim treasure stolen from Birkenhead Priory!  The vindictive, jealous, ghost of the Gladstone theatre!  A dinner lady who haunts a graveyard! Doomed lovers!

In May 2010, Edward and Martha Creep took visitors to the picturesque Port Sunlight village on a little tour...stopping off along the way to perform new and original PORT SUNLIGHT ghost stories!

The stories were written and performed by Petite Ullaloom as part of Sunlight Vision's Night at the Museum, audience were also treated to sandwiches, cream cakes and a tour of the museum.

Petite Ullaloom are currently collaborating with Sunlight Vision on research for the redevelopment of Port Sunlight Ghost Stories, this time working with residents to discover all the supernatural happenings that have taken place behind the village's genteel facade! So be warned, when Port Sunlight Ghost Stories returns this Halloween...all the stories will be true.

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