Petit Ulla Loom


Petite Ullaloom have a close working relationship with NML and have delivered a number of projects for the Walker Art Gallery, World Museum and Sudley House.

Rise of the Women Artists

An interactive tour in which Victorian artist Henrietta Ward shows visitors around 'The Women in Art' exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery, an overview of womens art from 18th century embroidery to the present day.

Life below stairs

Mr Robins, butler at Sudley House, gives visitors a guided tour of the house, it's wonderful art collection and provides infomation about the Holt Family. A chance to learn about a life in Victorian service (fancy working from 6am to 11pm, scrubbing floors and emptying chamber pots?). Performed for the public and Key Stage 2 school groups.

Something Wild at the Walker Art Gallery

A series of drama based workshops for Key Stage 2 schools and after school clubs, inspired by the book Something Wild at the Walker Art Gallery and the Walker's collection.                                                         

The Marvellous Magenko and the Age of Steam

Join Mr Magenko and his (rather peculiar) assistant Memo on a whistle stop tour of the Walker's fabulous Age of Steam exhibtion. Frivolity, mayhem and interactivity!
For children and familes aged three and above.

The Cathedral that never was!

An avid supporter of Lutyen's propsed cathedral demands that funds be raised to complete the building work! An informative piece performed in front of Lutyen's
massive and scaled cathedral model at the Walker. 

The Wardrobe of Mrs Tinne

Mrs Tinne takes visitors on a special guided tour of her extensive and marvellous collection of clothes at the Walker.

Winterland Tales                                                                                                                                

Join Holly deWinter at the Treasure House theatre (World Museum) for a journey to exotic countries and an exploration of their myths. For children and families.                  

A Dicken's of a Christmas

Charles Dicken's himself reads an abridged version of his classic festive ghost story, 'A Christmas Carol'. For children and families at the Treasure hosue theatre (World Musuem).


No, not bad children's t.v presenters, but THE Mr MAgenko and Memo (Age of Steam)


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