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The Dark Room


A retelling of the Bluebeard myth, a tragic love story  and an examination of the darkness at the heart of our much loved fairy tales...

Against the backdrop of a Victorian Photographers studio, THE DARK ROOM allows us to glimpse the blossoming love affair between William and Rose. William illustrates children's fairy tale books with beautiful, yet haunting, photogrpahs, but who are the women in these photogrpahs? Can Rose resist temptation or will she sneek a peak in the forbidden DARK ROOM?

The Dark Room was created with regular Ullaloom collaborator Patrick Dineen (Base Chorus, King Cotton) who provided a stunning, lyrical and enchanting score, perfectly capturing both the beauty of the fairy tale world and the madness of the protagonist. Lighting was designed by the wonderful Phil Saunder's who gave the show a warm chocolate box feel.

"The Liverpool theatre group Ullaloom has carved out a name for itself for ghoulish theatre, and The Dark Room could certainly give its audiences sleepless nights...a winner"
Phil Key Daily Post





The Tinder Box

The Tinder Box

'The Tinderbox' was the Unity Christams show 2006/07 and a co production between Hope St Ltd, the Unity Theatre and ourselves.

This Christmas unity , in collaboration with Hope Street and Ullaloom bring you a unique retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's wonderful tale, The Tinder box.

A poor, bedraggled and downtrodden soldier marches home through the forest where he meets a cunning witch.

She begs him to climb into an old tree trunk to fetch her grandmother's tinder box and promises great treasures in return...So, the brave soldier is plunged into a magical and frightening world where he encounters unimaginable wealth, dogs with eyes as big as saucers, and a beautiful princess, locked away by a possessive father. But can he double-cross the sorceress and live happily ever after? And just what is the mysterious power of the tinderbox?

The Tinder Box continues unity 's 20 year passion for traditional stories told in an untraditional way and this year we have brought together an excellent new team. Director Paula Simms , composer Patrick Dineen and Ullaloom Theatre Company between them have many years experience producing and devising theatre for children and young people and designer Becs Andrews was awarded the Linbury Biennial Prize for Stage Design in 2003.

...it is a fascinating story, which when I saw it kept an audience of young children absolutely spellbound...
Liverpool Daily Post


A school matinee certainly puts panto to the test. And this show passes with flying colours, enchanting the audience with setting, effects and costume, all as splendid as the cast.
The Stage

They say good things come in small packages...the Tinderbox is proof positive of that...
Liverpool Echo 8/10



Filippo Fiori - Soldier
Lucy Brite - Cat, Queen, and Orchid Misanthrope
Bekah Sloan - Witch, Nanny and Gretchen
Ross Mckenzie - Tom O'Shea and King
Aiden Le Brooks - Billal Farouq and dog
Rosie Mclaughlin - Princess and Treetop Lebanum
Director - Paula Simms
Composer - Patrick Dineen
Costume/set - Becs Andrews



MacabreMACABRE was devised by the company and then directed by 'Clive Mendus' of 'Theatre de Complicite'.  The piece  was an evolution of 'Theatre of the Macabre', our promenade  theatrical soap opera. As much as we enjoyed the intimacy of promenade work and the potential for audience interaction that it afforded us, we were aware that it wouldn't be practical to tour. We wanted to keep the sense of attack and the direct address that we had used well in the season, but had to find a way to keep an audience on their toes in  a more traditional 'end on' show. 
We had immense fun with this piece; bringing the house lights up on the audience, sawing through a (smelly) pigs trotter, singing a ditty about necrophilia, and invoking the devil.  All in the worst possible taste of course.
And audiences liked it as much as we did:

“…I had a great time…We, would have congratulated the performers at the end, but thought it might have been in bad taste, since they were dead…”
(Ramsey Campbell, winner of the Bram Stoker award,
the World Fantasy award and the British Fantasy award.)
“Theatre at its most cutting edge.  The company’s work is gripping and highly entertaining.'
  (BBC Radio Merseyside)
“…a very different sort of evening…a weird and unusual atmosphere…performed with creepy relish.”
(Liverpool Daily Post)



Dracula was first published in 1897 and has never been out of print. It has been the subject of countless bastardisations and adaptations, so much so, that the very word 'DRACULA' has permeated our consciousness in a way the industrious theatre manager Bram Stoker would never have dreamed possible...
But what is Dracula really about? Why has it endured when other, better written novels have not? Who was Mr Abraham Stoker and why was he in thrall to the actor/manager Henry Irving?

Ullaloom bid you welcome to the subconscious mind of Bram Stoker...Enter freely and of your own will...
Ullaloom Theatre Company present their own unique vision of Stoker's greatest work in an adaptation that does not feature a Count in evening dress, or a love story, but is true to the cold hearted and savage spirit of the text!


Orignally directed by Clive Mendus of Theatre de Complicite...Dracula was reworked  by Tanushka Marah, the award winning artistic director of 'Company Collisions'.  You can visit their website at: www.companycollisions.com.

Filippo Fiori - Dracula/Henry Irving
Lucy Brite - Lucy Westenra/Vampire
Bekah Sloan - Mina Harker/Peasant
Jake Norton - Jonathan Harker/Jack Seward
David Milne - Bram Stoker/Van Helsing/ Renfield


Bram Stoker's NIghtmare...Dracula was bolstered by a fantastic and original score comprising elements of heavy metal, synth and classical all composed by Carl Pownall, formerly of Zen Baseball Bat. Here are a selection of tracks for you to peruse.

1: Intro Metal
2: Lucy's soul ascends
Irving's fanfare
Lucy's attack

Set, props, stakes and glowing crucifixes were designed by Mike Gray. Mike has worked with the company on all our projects and has built us three coffins, a torture chair, a torture rack, a fully articulated skeletal hand and many other ghastly masterstrokes of macabre genius! Mike is the assistant stage manager for the Liverpool Playhouse and Everyman Theatre.
Lights were designed by Paul Skinner, Paul is another long time collaborator of the company and worked with us on both 'Macabre' and its predecessor, 'Theatre of the Macabre'. 

A chilling, disturbing, breathtaking romp through the mind of a genius!
Whitby Dracula Society

It‘s no mean feat creating horror on a bare stage devoid of technical wizardry to wow and excite, but Ullaloom did just that with only the very clever use of lights, music, and dry ice. But it was the outstanding performances by the actors that made the fear, the chill and the nightmarish horror of this story so very real.

Nerve Magazine


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