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Petite Ullaloom have a close working relationship with NML and have delivered a number of projects for the Walker Art Gallery, World Museum and Sudley House.

Rise of the Women Artists

An interactive tour in which Victorian artist Henrietta Ward shows visitors around 'The Women in Art' exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery, an overview of womens art from 18th century embroidery to the present day.

Life below stairs

Mr Robins, butler at Sudley House, gives visitors a guided tour of the house, it's wonderful art collection and provides infomation about the Holt Family. A chance to learn about a life in Victorian service (fancy working from 6am to 11pm, scrubbing floors and emptying chamber pots?). Performed for the public and Key Stage 2 school groups.

Something Wild at the Walker Art Gallery

A series of drama based workshops for Key Stage 2 schools and after school clubs, inspired by the book Something Wild at the Walker Art Gallery and the Walker's collection.                                                         

The Marvellous Magenko and the Age of Steam

Join Mr Magenko and his (rather peculiar) assistant Memo on a whistle stop tour of the Walker's fabulous Age of Steam exhibtion. Frivolity, mayhem and interactivity!
For children and familes aged three and above.

The Cathedral that never was!

An avid supporter of Lutyen's propsed cathedral demands that funds be raised to complete the building work! An informative piece performed in front of Lutyen's
massive and scaled cathedral model at the Walker. 

The Wardrobe of Mrs Tinne

Mrs Tinne takes visitors on a special guided tour of her extensive and marvellous collection of clothes at the Walker.

Winterland Tales                                                                                                                                

Join Holly deWinter at the Treasure House theatre (World Museum) for a journey to exotic countries and an exploration of their myths. For children and families.                  

A Dicken's of a Christmas

Charles Dicken's himself reads an abridged version of his classic festive ghost story, 'A Christmas Carol'. For children and families at the Treasure hosue theatre (World Musuem).


No, not bad children's t.v presenters, but THE Mr MAgenko and Memo (Age of Steam)



Archie's Quest

An interactive performance for families and small children created in conjunction with 2008 Liverpool Biennial.

Poor Archie! All his stories have been stolen by his twin brother the evil Baron Pound. Archie's so upset he's got a little...confused! Can you help Archie and his assistant Bonnie piece together both his memory and his story book? A fun, interactive adventure starting in the ABC cinema, Lime St, and continuning on to Richard Wood's word based installations in a section of Rapid Hardware store.


Port Sunlight Ghost Stories

Spooky goings on in Port Sunlight!

The vengeful spectre of a black monk eager to reclaim treasure stolen from Birkenhead Priory!  The vindictive, jealous, ghost of the Gladstone theatre!  A dinner lady who haunts a graveyard! Doomed lovers!

In May 2010, Edward and Martha Creep took visitors to the picturesque Port Sunlight village on a little tour...stopping off along the way to perform new and original PORT SUNLIGHT ghost stories!

The stories were written and performed by Petite Ullaloom as part of Sunlight Vision's Night at the Museum, audience were also treated to sandwiches, cream cakes and a tour of the museum.

Petite Ullaloom are currently collaborating with Sunlight Vision on research for the redevelopment of Port Sunlight Ghost Stories, this time working with residents to discover all the supernatural happenings that have taken place behind the village's genteel facade! So be warned, when Port Sunlight Ghost Stories returns this Halloween...all the stories will be true.


Gangs of Victorian Liverpool



With their heavy hobnailed boots, knives and sharpened belt buckles, these gangs held Victorian Liverpool in a fist of fear!



In conjunction with Liverpool's Culture Company Heritage Team, Petite Ullaloom created a performance led workshop for secondary school children in the cells and courtroom of St George's Hall. The piece gave an overview of life for the poor in Victorian Liverpool, gave information about the many gangs which ruled the slums and delved into the social, economic factors that led many to a life of crime as a gang member. Participants were encouraged to consider whether extreme poverty and deprivation could ever be held as valid justifications for acts of criminiality and brutality.

The workshop enacted the notorious murder of Richard Morgan (1874) and  the subsequent trail of the three men who kicked his broken body 40 ft down Tithebarn St.  Two of the accused were hanged by the neck, the third sentenced to hard labour. The interactive performance ended with a debate about capital punishment.

To read the article printed in the Liverpool Echo click here

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